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Enjoy the Luxury of Owning a Premium Duplex Home in Campbelltown, NSW

Are you looking for a smart investment opportunity while living in your dream home? If yes, Brickwood Homes has the perfect solution for you – duplex homes. Instead of having one stylish and beautiful home, you can have an extra residential property right next to it. Not only does it provide the opportunity to rent and get extra income, but it also increases your property value.

Duplex homes are more than just twin buildings; they should reflect your style and living needs. That’s why compromising on quality is never an option. As the best custom duplex home builders in Campbelltown, we are experienced in building stylish, functional, and durable duplex homes across Sydney and Campbell, NSW. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist design or a conventional-looking home, we can help your dream come to a vision.

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Limitless Modern Designs Duplexes - Suited for Every Lifestyle and Budget

Worried about how to design your duplex? There is no need because we have limitless designs perfect for everyone. Whether your preference leans towards sharing a common wall or a detached configuration, our expert duplex builders, Campbelltown, specialise in bringing your vision into reality. Be assured that every design you have in mind will resonate with your preferences and fit your budget.

Duplexes Gallery

We know you are making a savvy investment and require assurance through tangible examples of our past work. Our duplex gallery provides a visual journey through our portfolio, giving you the opportunity to witness the quality, creativity, and attention to detail that defines our duplex constructions. Browse our gallery to gain confidence in our duplex home builders Campbelltown. Are you impressed? Give us a chance to transform your vision into a stunning reality.

Seamless and Effortless Duplex Construction Process

Duplex construction isn’t a one-day job. It requires careful planning and unwavering commitment to yield exceptional results. Our duplex builders Sydney offers a system to help you navigate your duplex construction journey seamlessly.


Share Your Preferences With Us

We kickstart the project with your unique preferences and style. Have a specific colour scheme or perhaps must-have amenities you want in each unit? Let us know! Our goal is to capture every detail of your vision and provide a customised solution that fits your needs and meets your budget.

Let Us Build Your Dream Duplex

Here comes the best part. Once we have your design at hand. We handle the rest for you, from acquiring permission from the local authorities to breaking the ground. Our expert duplex builders in Sydney employ only high-quality materials throughout the process.

Time to Feel at Home

The day you’ve eagerly anticipated has arrived – it’s time to feel at home. We proudly present your envisioned design transformed into a luxurious reality. From meticulously chosen finishes to meticulously crafted spaces, you can now make memories in a comfortable and elegant duplex home.
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Explore Unique Duplex Home Design at Our Showroom

Unsure of how to design your duplex home in Campbelltown, NSW? We get it; building a home while getting advice from others can be overwhelming. Thankfully, in our showroom, you will find inspiration that transcends words.

Step into the world of possibilities, touch the textures, feel the finishes, and let your eyes converse with the designs that resonate with your vision.

From flooring to fixtures, from palettes to layouts, our Brickwood Homes showroom it’s more than just a space. It’s a compass that leads you to the design that truly reflects you. And not to worry, our custom home builders Sydney will walk you through the tour to answer all your questions.

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