Discover the Blend of Comfort and Security in Brickwood Homes Duplexes

Why build one home when you can have two with a duplex, and let expert duplex home builders bring your vision to life

Building a duplex with Brickwood Homes is the affordable way to achieve modern living and financial security. You can make a home in one duplex and rent the other and receive an additional income. Or you might prefer to move elderly family members next door so they can still live independently while secure in the knowledge that you are nearby.

Whatever your reason for choosing a duplex, you can’t go past the quality of a Brickwood Homes construction. We are experienced in building duplexes across Sydney, the Central Coast and NSW South Coast.

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Every Lifestyle, Every Budget - Brickwood Builds Modern Design Duplexes

Our duplex home builders specialise in creating designs that cater to various living situations and lifestyle factors. Traditional duplexes are attached side-by-side and share a common wall which may suit you. Or you may want to explore our detached duplex designs. Both will make a sound investment.

Explore Our Duplex Homes Gallery

Welcome to our Duplexes Gallery, highlighting the exceptional work of our skilled duplex home builders. This collection features a variety of stunning projects, each showcasing our dedication to quality and innovation in duplex design. From modern, sleek designs to more traditional and elegant styles, our gallery serves as a perfect starting point for envisioning your future home. Each project demonstrates how we, at Brickwood Homes, can adapt our expertise to align with your specific needs and preferences. Let these masterpieces spark your imagination and show you what’s possible when you choose Brickwood Homes for your duplex project

Ease your way from sketch to modern duplex home in Sydney with Brickwood Homes


Let’s talk about your duplex project

We’ll arrange a consultation to explore our range of duplex and granny flat designs, or we can delve into creating a bespoke design that aligns perfectly with your needs and budget. This is your opportunity to bring your vision to life with our expert guidance and support.

Let's build your duplex

We take care of everything needed to bring your duplex home plan to life. Our team will thoroughly investigate your building site and liaise with local authorities to ensure all necessary approvals are obtained. We’re committed to using only top-quality materials and skilled tradespeople to construct our superior family homes and granny flats, ensuring your duplex meets the highest standards of excellence and durability.

Time to move into your new duplex home

Our Favourite Stage: Handing Over Your New Sydney Duplex. The most rewarding part of our process is when we hand over your brand new Sydney duplex, ready for you to start creating lasting memories. We are confident that your Brickwood Homes construction will bring you a lifetime of happiness and comfort in Sydney’s vibrant community
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Brickwood Homes: Expert Duplex Builders in Sydney. Discover bespoke designs and quality craftsmanship. Visit our showroom for duplex inspiration

When you need a little inspiration to help get your build under way, arrange a visit to our showroom for an up-close look at the quality products we use in our homes and granny flats.

Browse our range of bricks, tiles and roofing materials. View our floor plans and explore our colour schemes. You can even touch and interact with our fixtures including taps, vanities, shower screens and more.

Take a virtual tour of one of our granny flats and imagine living inside. See all of our exciting inclusions and our commitment to quality finishes.

Begin your dream duplex construction in Sydney with our expert builders

With interest rate hikes, it's a great time to invest in a Granny Flat.

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