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Beautiful custom designs to call home

When it comes to expert custom home design, there is no replica of the team of home builders in Sydney we’ve brought together at Brickwood Homes.

Whilst on the exhausting search for your ideal property, have you ever come across perfect countertops in a kitchen, yet the most hideous cabinets you’ve ever seen? A huge walk-in wardrobe, but with the ugliest timber floorboards?

When you build a custom home with our team, you can pick and choose every aspect with the guidance of our designers. Our Home Builders in Sydney can craft your perfect home, no need to compromise.

If you aren’t entirely sure about the design plan from the get-go, don’t fret! Our team is equipped with years of knowledge and expertise, and with our execution and attention to detail, you’ll be moving into the house of your dreams within the year.

As a major player in the custom home building game across Sydney, in suburbs like Blacktown, Campbelltown, and Liverpool NSW, we understand the requirements and design tendencies of local suburbs that allow us to weave your home seamlessly into your desired area.

Custom Built New Homes

Your Home, Your Choice

We often work with a variety of clients who value flexibility and desire their expectations to be met with enthusiasm and understanding. These customers aren’t just looking for their dream home, but a variety of our services:

Sydney is one of the world’s most valuable property markets, with growing cities like Liverpool NSW showing immense promise. Opting for any of the aforementioned choices has the potential to enhance the value of your home and land, whilst also providing you with the lifestyle you desire.

Home Builders Sydney

Take a Look at our Past Projects

Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality, beautiful, and functional homes for our clients, and has been doing so for over 30 years. Our portfolio allows us to relive each house and journey, as well as inspire our new clients. If you see something you like, bookmark it and bring it up in your consultation with our team!

Imagination into Fruition

Having a clear, understood idea of what you’re aiming for when building your ideal home is crucial to our Home Builders in Sydney.


Book a Consultation with us.

The first step is to lay out exactly what you’re looking for when building your custom home. We’ll discuss your ideas, necessities, and what kind of budget you have, and set these points aside for the project.

Start Building.

We simplify the process for you. By thoroughly inspecting your home, land, or building site and liaising with local councils to secure the necessary approvals, we ensure a hassle-free construction experience. Utilising quality materials and skilled trades, we bring your project to life with precision and care.

Just Move In!

This is the part where we hand over the keys to your brand-new custom home, granny flat duplex, and the like in Liverpool NSW, and surrounding suburbs. It’s time for you to make memories!
Home Builders Sydney

Looking for Inspiration? Have Questions? We Are Here to Help

You may already have a clear vision of your custom home build in Sydney. However, it’s more common for our clients to have initial ideas and numerous questions.

If this resonates with you, our Sydney Showroom is designed to meet your needs. Here, you can explore and feel the textures of the products we use, observe how they look under different lighting conditions, and see how they complement each other.

Many of our clients find this experience invaluable. After all, there’s no substitute for seeing your potential choices firsthand and understanding how they work together.

During your visit, our experienced, friendly, and professional team will be on hand to assist you. They can fill any gaps in your knowledge about your new build or renovation, help with product selection and coordination, and answer any questions you may have.

Let's begin the construction journey of your granny flat

With interest rate hikes, it's a great time to invest in a Granny Flat.

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