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Our Experience, Innovation and Persistence to achieve high-quality custom homes, granny flats and duplexes that meet your specifications are just a few qualities that differentiate Brickwood from the rest of the herd. To learn more about what makes Brickwood Homes unique, read our About Us page.
Would a duplex be the ideal investment for you? Here are the essential considerations when building a duplex:
  • Rental Demand: Assess the rental market in the area to determine demand for rental properties. Enough, you’ll find there’s a strong market for rental properties in Sydney and surrounding areas right now.
  • Location: Consider proximity to amenities, employment, services, transport and areas with strong economic growth. Keeping these factors in mind will improve demand for your property.
  • Legal and Zoning Considerations: It’s important to consider regulations and permits required for building a duplex. Put some time aside to research these in your area, as it may vary across NSW.
  • Cash Flow: Evaluate potential rental income against ongoing expenses to ensure positive cash flow on your investment.
  • Property Management: Decide whether you can manage self-management or need to seek professional property management when operating your property.
  • Financing Options: Explore available financing options, including interest rates and lending criteria.
Brickwood Homes is a versatile company that builds in a wide range of locations, across Sydney, Wollongong, and various other regions of New South Wales. This allows us to cater expertise and quality construction services across most locations in New South Wales.

With interest rate hikes, it's a great time to invest in a Granny Flat.

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